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Community's Child is a nondenominational Christian program committed to providing homeless women with infants healthy alternatives to abuse, poverty, addictions, and hopelessness.
The program offers homeless women and their infants a safe, compassionate, yet structured living environments. At Community's Child, women acquire the education, skills training, employment opportunities and support services, necessary to break the patterns associated with homelessness.


Community's Child Residential Living and Personal Development Program is open to homeless single mothers over the age of eighteen years, with an infant under the age of twelve months.
All applicants must be clean and sober, free from communicable diseases and demonstrate a high level of motivation to achieve self-sufficiency through attendance in school, college, job readiness programs and employment.

Maximum length of stay is twenty-four months and referrals to the Program can be made by:

  • Crisis Maternity Shelters
  • Battered Women's Shelters
  • Social Workers/Police Officers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Pregnancy Help Centers
  • Church Officials/Staff


All participants are required to adhere to the program structure which includes rules and regulations, curfews, home maintenance routines, attendance in parenting, and self development classes, as well as case management and goal review sessions. Regular attendance at adult school, college, vocational training center, job readiness program, or place of employment is a requirement of the Residential Living and Personal Development Program.

In effort to ensure quality continuum of services, Community's Child works in collaboration with Southern California's foundations, business, churches, service clubs, legal aid, medical providers, social services, learning institutes, government and other nonprofits.

Community's Child is a Recognized 501(c)(3)

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